• AliDB
  • 1 year ago

I wanted to post information about the Earwell device used to mold infant ears and thus avoid surgery later on. When my son was born in August 2013, I noticed his ears were misshaped. Specifically, the top part of the rim of both ears were bent down. My pediatrician just shrugged off my concerns but as a parent I knew better.  I did an Internet search for ear deformities and came across the Earwell website. The website directed me to three doctors in PA that were trained to use the device and fortunately one was close to my house. The doctor was able to see me within the recommended 3 week window when treatment works best. My son's left ear was treated with the device while the less deformed ear was treated with wax and tape. After two weeks, my sons ear treated with the device was greatly improved. Not a perfect ear but one that he won't be embarrassed or teased about.  Overall, I'm happy with the results but disappointed the doctor didn't use the device on both ears. He told me on the office that the device was expensive but it wasn't until I received my insurance statement how expensive.....$4500!!!! Fortunately, because it was considered a birth defect, insurance covered the cost of the device.