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is it too early for a consult?

  • motheroftwins
  • Dallas
  • 1 year ago

I know I am not doing this wonderful procedure until next year..January..but visiting with all of you makes me soo excited. is it too early to have a consult???? I am paying for this out of my pocket and do need to know the amount but I dont want to seem silly??? Please advise! and thank all of you that keep on posting your journey. it means so much to have people that understand what it means to go thru the pain of having a large tummy!!  

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I'm too looking to have surgery in next year. (I really want this year) I have consultations like up for the month of April. I'm also so confused. I was quoted by Dra Robles in santo Domingo for $5350 which is right great and she does great work. But I really want to stay In my home town of NY. I'm not ruling santo Domingo out, it will be my last option if I don't find a reasonable and good surgeon here! So you are not alone!!!

It is never to early to start your research and doctor search.  Please make sure to see at least 3 doctors before making your decision.  This phase is the most important part of your journey.  

Well now I am trying to decide whether to stay in the country or not. Decisions decisions!

Well just take your time and check all of your options.  No hurry here at all.