How many Dr's are in Charlotte area and in NC specializing in Breast implants?

  • Reese in NC
  • Charlotte, NC
  • 2 years ago

I trying to do my research to find out where to start looking for the right Dr. to do my procedure when I'm ready? Are there hospitals in Charlotte doing the procedure? Are there any places that do free consultation? What is the price range for the NC area?

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Hi Reese! I am in Charlotte, NC as well. I just scheduled my procedure yesterday. I researched for 4 months an had two consultations. I am lucky because a close friend of mine, my mother in law and sister in law have all gotten their breasts done so I have them to look to for advice. My email address is if you have any questions!
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Hi there,

Here's a list of doctors in your area who perform breast augmentation. When you call, ask about free consultations. Some will waive the fee if you mention RealSelf.

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