Droopy tip after rhinoplasty - too much cartilage removed?

  • Jenny1972
  • Dallas, Texas
  • 4 years ago

I had a primary rhinoplasty a little over two weeks ago. I now seem to have a droopy tip and it makes my lose appear very long - much longer than it was before surgery. A sliver of cartilage was removed from the tip of my nose.He said I had very weak cartiage as well. I am now being told the only thing I can do is wait 12-18 months for a revision which he said would be expensive. Is there anyway that it might tip up somewhat once the swelling goes down?

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Here are what some doctors have to say about tip drooping. Sounds like it may subside somewhat after the initial swelling has done down, but I don't know about it tipping back up.

It's been some time now since you posted this concern. Has it resolved at all?