Dr.Niessen and Dr. Adams Windsor Ontario... feedback for TT and Breast lift

  • yellowbird_c
  • 2 years ago

After visiting 2 doctors for a consult.. I am extremely nervous. The first Dr. Was Dr.Adams and than the second Dr. was Dr. Niessen. I am extremely nervous about doing a tummy tuck and a breast lift and want peoples opinions about the doctors. There is an extreme amount of money difference between the two. One doctor will do the two procedures at once and the other Dr. will do them at seperate times (this one is 5,000 cheaper). I have seen Dr. Adams Tummy tuck and it looked pretty good, but heard his breast lifts aren't the best.(one person) Dr. Niessen I heard is great at doing the breast. He is charging 11,500 and its a lot of cash but haven't heard to much about his Tummy Tuck. I lost 85 pounds on my own working out and dieting, it took me two years. I have worked very very very hard and hate the way my body looks now. I wish someone could give me some feedback on these two doctors.  

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I am considering these doctors as I live in the area. Wondering who you decided to go with?

Hi there,

Why not go on another consultation or two to give you more ideas of other approaches (or to have one of those two corroborated). Here's a list of Windsor plastic surgeons. Hopefully some other ladies with firsthand experience will chime in for you on the two doctors you're asking about.