Anyone drinking decaf coffee or still drinking caffinated drinks?

  • Ndngirl
  • 3 years ago

I am a coffee drinker and Starbucks (coffee house)  not that bad but. ;) I was advised that caffine can contribute to swelling. So since my TT in July (3wks po)  I have only drank a few cups - just to curb my craving for it - and do decaf(i would drink coffee about once or twice a day whether it was starbuck or not).  I was also told that sodas, especially diet have a large amount of sodium but that ins't a problem for me. -  I quit sodas like 5 years ago and it was hard and lost weight from that. And me and sugar substitutes dont get a long...they make me sick-so diet sodas was not an option.  Who is still consuming coffee or any caffinated drinks through recovery?