anybody used dr.blinski or dr.soto in florida?

  • ticknez
  • brooklyn, NY
  • 2 years ago

if so how are they and prices and if not who would be best in florida?

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Horrible and sloopy. My results are the worst and he doesnt care anything about patient satisfaction. Read his reviews under healthgrades. I believe his staff are writting these good reviews.
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i got a full tummy tuck by dr blinski on april 27 2012 and he says i'm still swollen but i dont see it, my body looks amazing. i love him. and his price was very good to.
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Yep! Just had brachioplasty (under arm skin removed), and hip skin removed, and Jet Lipo with Dr. Blinski.

Was very affordable! and NOT one of those things where you get less when you pay less.

Questioned Dr. Blinski's reputation as every patient does. This is normal for all patients. Anyways, when I went to the hospital for pre-op and got to the proper floor, the nurse asked who my doctor was and I said "Dr. Blinski". Her response was, "Oh he is a good doctor." She seemed pretty confident and then directed me to the place I need to go next.

I paid 10K, which included overnight stay in the hospital and meds needed post-op.

I just did this last week so my before and after photos are not ready yet, but everything looks good. I'm swollen and bruised as expected, but my hips look great! Dr. Blinski removed skin from being so large at one point. Unfortunately, I need a lot more work, but I am happy with the results so far. I plan on doing a few more lipos with Dr. Blinski so I give him the thumbs up.

Your Before and Afters look amazing!!

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