Hi, I want a really drastic change in my appearance

  • Manhattan3042
  • Manhattan, NY
  • 3 years ago

I'd like to look like an entirely differenet person. Is this possible?

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Sorry i'm not trying to be annoying . . .but does that mean they can't do it, or they won't do it? I just want to go from having an oval shaped face to having a square face. It just seemed like all the facial implant photos i looked at didn't really change the shape of the persons jaw too much so i was wondering if plastic surgeons are unable to do it, or legally not allowed to change a person past a certain point? Or am i the only one who wants to do that? LOL
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As far as surgeons go, you need to research those in your area who you feel comfortable with. A good surgeon is likely not going to claim to be able to change your face so that you totally look like another person.

I wouldn't recommend going out of the country. You want to be close to home for follow up care.

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Well, Heidi Montag did. But...why would you want to?

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no, i want to change my face way more than she did, more specifically the shape of my face. i want to know if that is possible through plastic surgery. Also, what surgeon should i see? Should I go out of the country?
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