Has anyone used Dr.Aldea in memphis,TN. for BBL? I'm considering him for my surgery

  • reggieann11
  • 2 years ago

Dr. Aldea vs. Dr. Jimmeson any feedback would be helpful. I'm african american and I really want a nice round butt.

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Had consultation with Dr Aldea in Oct. Everything went well & I left his office feeling like he could be the one because I would love to have someone local to keep my expenses down from having to pay for hotel & flight. The only problem I have with Dr Aldea is that I have not seen any of his work & that makes me nervous. I'm also looking at Dr Wilberto Cortes. If I can't find any pics from Dr Aldea soon, I'm using Dr W. Cortes in Houston.
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I did extensive research and decided to go with Dr. JCurves. I am now 6 months post op and loving my results. Although he was expensive it was well worth it.
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Thank you and congrats :)
Hey did you ever use dr. Aldea for the bbl or go to the consultation. I been thinking about going to him because he's local but I don't see info about do much bbl's :(
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Have you been to Dr. Aldea? I am considering a consultation with him as well, and I'm trying to find more info.
No sweetie I haven't.And I keep trying to find more info on him on bbl but I can't find any reviews or info on his site. I called his office and they said the consultation fee is $90 and I wanted to find more info before paying that because I don't want to waste my money. Have you found much info yet?
I am weighing Dr Jimerson (ATL) against Dr Aldea (Local) as well. I have had a consultation with Dr Jimerson and his online photos look awesome. However Dr Aldea's website doesn't displayB&A pics for the BBL. I would hate to schedule a consultation to be disappointed!
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i just had a BBL and TT with Dr. Aldea, and I am extremely happy with the results so far!! My procedure was on July 13th, so I realize that I still have a lot of recovery ahead of me, but I am confident that I will continue to be happy with my results. Dr. Aldea and his staff have been extremely helpful throught this process and I am looking forward to having more procedures with them in the future!
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Hey there,

Here is a link to Reviews by community members who have used Dr. Aldea. Also a link to reviews by those who have used Dr. Jimerson. Hope this helps!


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