no drains?

  • 2 years ago

I went and saw a PS today I really liked him....he was very concerned about me "thinking" I have I will be having a Upper GI to confirm or deny. He also stated the way he stitches u back up he doesn't require the use of drains. Have anybody heard of this or has not had drains because every video or picture I have seen they have had drains.

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Yes, my PS said his patients usually do not have drains. I had never heard of that either, but the PS has really good reviews and I really liked him. I am very excited about that and hope I will not require any drains as that is one of the things I was most concerned with. When is your surgery scheduled for?
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Its June 19....I decided not to go with that surgeon but I'm mentally preparing myself for drains and pain!
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Hi there!

I'm 9 days PO from a "no-drain" tt; while it's a newer procedure, you'll definitely find some people around here who have had it. The surgeons who use this method employ what's called a "quilting suture" to reattach the skin to the muscle. This eliminates the "dead space" between the skin and muscle and has been shown to reduce the risk of post-operative seromas (fluid buildup). In addition, the quilting sutures spread the tension across the stomach, which places less stress on the incision and reduces the risk of rupturing stitches along your incision line.

I can tell you from my personal experience that it's been a pretty great experience this way. I mean, be prepared for pain, because there's definitely pain, but my recovery has been very smooth thus far.

Good luck to you!
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