Drains and work

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  • 2 years ago

I am considering going to Poland to have a tummy tuck and breast uplift.  Has anyone else went abroad for surgery - how have you found it?   How long would I need off work - I reckon work would only be happy to allow me 3 weeks off - would that be enough?   How long does the drain stay in - the clinic said they would recommend I stayed in Poland for 7 days and the drain would be taken out in that time but if its longer I can go home with it and then get my GP/Clinic to remove it.     Any information/advice you can give me would be great.   Thanks xx

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Hi there, I think 3 weeks would be more than enough time to recover for work... I am 15 days post op and I could have returned to work a few days ago if I had too (I used to be a Phlebotomist, so bending over patients and taking blood all day, in and out of cars, up and down stairs etc.)... I quit my job a few weeks before my surgery, but originally I'd booked 2 weeks off. I'd have been wiped out by the time I finished but I reckon I could do it. I went to Dr. Kalecinski in Wroclaw as you know and my drains stayed in for 5 days post op. There was never any mention of taking them home with me, I think he tries really hard to get them out before you travel. I flew home 5 days after my operation...
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Thanks for that. I have found a surgeon/clinic that I am happy with. Would really like to know how long people had to keep their drains in and how long they needed to take off work.

Thanks :)
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Here is an excellent link to some information about Medical Tourism: Finding the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

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