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  • 3 years ago

Hi all! I had a couple of questions about drainage after TT and lipo to flanks. Can you have excessive drainage? If so what is considered excessive? Also, when should the drainage change from the bright red color to clearish? My surgery was Thursday afternoon, so I'm only 2 days post op now. Thanks!

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Each person is different in the output.  Mine started out pretty steady and consistent and then tapered off within four days.  I did continue to have output for 9 days.  The color changed from day to day as well as the clots in the bulb.  Mine never became clear at any point.  Kind of looked pinkish towards the end. 

I am not sure there is really a norm for this.   If you are thinking it is draining excessively just give the doctor a call and let him know how many cc's you are getting an hour. 
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I am unsure what would be considered "excessive" however, my PS mentioned average output is around 100cc. I was putting out about 80 for the first 2-5 days... and around day 4 I was noticing more clearish fluid. Drains came out for me day 7.... Hope this helps!
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