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drain tubes in six weeks!!

  • donna in cleveland
  • cleveland, oh
  • 3 years ago

hi everyone, thought i'd throw this out there.  had my tt on 5/23/11, i had a huge hematoma (400cc) drained at dr's office a few days after initial removal of drain tubes.  tube was reinserted at that time for another 2 weeks.  to add to that aggravation, it was placed about 1 inch below my incision (lousy spot) and i developed a infection in my incision and it started to spread about 3/8" and 4" long dead center.  so fine dealt with that.  within a day of that removal developed seroma, naturally a new tube put in, thank god it was in a different spot.  had that one in 2 weeks also, finally removed it 3days ago, and i'm sure there is another seroma...REALLY! i realize there are complications, but i hate the idea of another drain tube.  i wanted to add, that i have been faithful with my compresssion garment and even ordered one of those "spanx" types i've read about here, although i  couldn't wear it til 3 days ago because of the tube placement (boy is that thing tight!).  my seroma "feeling" was not the wave like described by others here, more like when you feel a baby move when you're pregnant. so the long and short of my concerns are more tubes, still hugely swollen, and the incision area i described won't hea(had it a month).  my ps had me putting an ointment they use on burn victims to grow new skin, which isn't working very well.  he says he can't close it til it's healed.  if ANYONE can shed some light on any of my tales of woe, i would so very grateful. thanks