Drain removal..What to expect. And my experience.

  • B Cup cutie
  • 2 years ago

Today makes day 6 post op..Im doing GREAT!!! I took a vicodin 2 hours before my appointment because I was so nervous about the pain associated with drain removal. At my appointment they asked me how much output I had in the last 24 hours, which was less then 15 cc's per drain. He decided to take the drains out..YAY!! Im saying yay but I was so scared and after watching 22+ youtube videos about drain removal..I think I made myself panick sick. lolĀ  He starts cutting the stitches that were holding the drains in place, and tells me to take a deep breathe... He starts pulling this LONG 'worm' out of my body. IT burned, and felt very ODD but to be honest minimal pain. Nothing unbearable and I have zero tolerance for pain. He gave me the green light to take a shower..yay!! He put some gauze on the area and told me he would see me in 1 week. :) So ladies...Dont be scared, its not that bad. And now I feel like a whole new person without those nasty drains!!

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Thanks for posting! I had my surgery out of state and have to remove my drain on my own so a bit nervous! Your post makes me feel much better. My doc said to be sure that the drain valve (where you dump out the contents) is open so there is not suction going on as the drain is pulled out.
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