Dr Yily Anyone?

  • GirlInterupted
  • NYC
  • 1 year ago

Hey girlies. So Im super new to this forum, I finally decided to join because no one knows about my decision to get a BBL Plus a breast lift and lipo and I feel like I need support. I got a quote for Yily for $4,250. Before I go into detail about that, allow me to break down my stats.  I weight : 147 (in the evening) I'm 5-0 FT tall I'm a DD 36 I want to be 125, nice round hips and butt, I've I already got a butt, and most would look at me like im insane if they knew that Im thinking of doing this since I could simply work it out. The problem is that I want to shape my body and if I work out the fat and muscle wont build the way I want it to.  I used to model before and I want to return to the modeling world (I stopped after my daughter was born).  Anyways, I dont know what to pack and what to do pre op, I need some help here please!    Also I havent set the date, I'm thinking some time after the 19th of March. I NEED A BUDDY! OOH OOH and I speak spanish!!