Dr. Tom Pousti is the person to go to for those who had MTF GRS and want very large breasts.

  • flyingchartist
  • 1 year ago

Dr. Pousti is definitely the person to go to if you want very large breasts, 1000 to 2000 cc's or possibly larger. Due to the amount of available skin to place the implant under and the tightness of the muscle, it might take more than one surgery, but if it can be done, Dr. Pousti is the doctor who cam do the job ... and do it well. A year ago Dr. Pousti swapped out my 1200 cc implants for 1780cc's and they look superb. I handled the surgery very well, since there was very little discomfort related to the surgery and did not have the need to take any pain medication. I was actually up and moving around within hours of the surgery, but made sure to follow the doctors orders to not strain myself, so my stitches would not open. Dr. Pousti is a great doctor and even though I had to travel from New York to see him in San Diego, it was worth it and I would do it again.