Considering Dr. Thomas Liska for Rhinoplasty, Has Anyone Heard of Him?

  • nicole5555
  • SC
  • 2 years ago

I had a good feeling in his office, but after research online there is few and i mean 3-10 reviews for him mostly breast augementation/ facial, but not one bad one. He also had only one before/after photo on his website. Can anyone suggest a surgeon in charlotte n.c. or tell me more about dr. liszka?

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I can advise you to NOT use him for rhinoplasty. He botched my nose and made excuses. I was years later told by former staff that he doesn't do noses. I may have been his first . Stay far away.

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also I would like to add that I have been going there for consultations and to have procedures done and they havent never adviced me to do anything they thought I would not benefit from. I've had several VI peels and a TCA peel before I had the facelift done. I also had the yes done and still waiting on all the swelling to go down . It's been three weeks. He talks me through everything he does during my visits after surgery. He has me to once a week. Once I get my finishing results I am going to give a review. This one lady had same thing done I did and the day she came to the office to meet me , she showed me her scars....she went from being a quiet reserved person to very outgoing and she doesnt mind telling anyone she had it done...the day I had my surgery the staff waited and anticipated how I was doing and he called over there and informed them I did great...the lady who revealed her results to me in person called and checked up on me a couple of times. I feel like they are family now bc that is how I am treated.. hope this helps...
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let me know about the rhinoplasty bc I would like to have that done but wasnt sure who to pick...have you found a surgeon yet?
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Dr Liszka performed a facelift on me in feb. I am still in the healing stages. Before I chose him, I talked to a couple of women he performed a facelift on and they were extremely happy with their results. Im stilling waiting on my ending results and while I am waiting, I can tell you its looking good. I have no double chin anymore.I can keep you updated on my results. I saw a review on him that has allowed him to do 7 procedures on her so far and 4 procedures on her daughter. She expresses he is the best. She recently had a lip transplant done so maybe you can search and see her comments...
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