Dr. Stephen Perkins for Revision

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I would like to get a feedback on Dr. Stephen Perkins. I am looking for a good surgeon to perform a revision and would like to go to a revision specialist not someone who does a lot of primaries or mostly face lifts. I am interested in a surgeon that specializes in a revision rhinoplasty. Although I live in Chicago I am willing to travel for a good surgeon. I am not interested in anyone in the Chicago area as I have already seen them all. Thank you in advance!

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Sarah, I am aware of surgeons in my area I don't need a link. That's not my question as you may notice. Thank!
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Hi Rena,

I think Sarah provided the link since it didn't seem like you are totally set on Dr. Perkins, yet. Unfortunately, Dr. P. doesn't have any reviews on the site yet. Hopefully some folks who've been to him for revision rhinoplasty will stop by and give you feedback.

You might be interested in this link that gives Dr. recommendations for rhinoplasty surgeons in your area (including Dr. P.) Seems like he's very well regarded in his field.

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Thank you Angie. How can I post this for doctors to answer? I have seen those responses but was hoping for more feedback.
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