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Hi! I have been reading the forum for quite some time and decided to track my journey to help others, as I've been helped with all of the stories, etc. About me: mom of 2 preschoolers//wife. Previous PS, breast augmentation, 600 cc, under muscle, crease incision, Dr. Pham (celebration, fl.). I am going to Dr. Salama (Miami,fl) for buttocks augmentation with implant. I am 5'5", 107-110 lbs. I'll post my measurements when I redo them later. But I'm 34DD, and have a very slender physique and unattractive derrière. I am going to my consult Feb. 12 and am scheduled for pre-op & surgery March 30/31. I set a date because he is booked so far in advanced I wanted to be able to take advantage of the cancellation just to be on the safe side. So far I am just waiting to meet him and make my final decision on him. My second choice is Dr. Driscoll in Austin, Texas but I prefer to be closer to home for such an invasive surgery so I'm hoping it goes well with Dr. Salama. Comments//questions welcomed.

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Hey thanks for sharing your journey with us. I wanted to ask did dr.S give you a quote on just the implants. I've actually had a bbl and 2nd revision bbl with dr. S and my backside is still deformed and flat in the middle. I really don't want the implant because I'm afraid of so many things ex: how will they feel when u sit and when u touch them. Can u see them when bending if I take a bad fall could pop or rupture how long will I not be able to sit..ect ect..I want the smallest implant possible hoping for just the middle projection and I just read this horrible review about his patient getting seriously burned and the last lipo he did on me I got burned as well not as bad as her though but it could happen if I get lipod a third time so I'd just like to get the implants and nothing else. He did my tummy tuck and breast lift with August and did a great job so I'd still like to stick with him.. I know i said a lot here lol but I hope to hear from you thanks
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