Dr Russo Hospital Group or Dr Frati MYA

  • justinehughes
  • 3 months ago

Hi. I'm hoping some lovely ladies can help me. I'm trying to decide between two surgeons and I can;t decide which.Dr Russo at The Hospital Group was amazing (and hot), he made me feel really at ease, guessed my bra size straight away and seemed really confident in his approach that he would give me a smaller implant than I wanted (400ish, over) and give me a nipple lift as I wanted a faker look.I saw Dr Frati at THG and he said, also very confidently, he would put in a 500 (under) but that there was no reason to give a nipple lift as the nature of the size/procedure would give this lift naturally. I'm worried this won't look fake enough but at the same time I don't want to have the over/nipple lift and it to only look nice for the first year...Has anyone had a nipple lift and regretted it? Our MYA coordinator said that quite a few patients are unhappy after a year with it as the boob has to settle over time. I much prefer The Hospital Groups approach to their patients but at the end of the day it is the result I want to feel happy with. I just don't know which to go for :O/