Dr. Recommendations for Liposuction Revision in Los Angeles?

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  • 2 years ago

I did my first lip in 2007 with lumps. Did it again in 2009, a bit better but with lumps still. Thermage didn't do any good.  There are still lumps, dimpling.  Ugh! I live in Los Angeles.   I've been looking into Dr. Amron or Dr. Svehlak.  Does anyone have any input, reviews positive or negative about these or anyone else you would recommend? I don't want to undergo the knife again until I have a lot of confidence about the Dr. Please don't be shy to share about negative impressions or concerns about the two Drs. mentioned or anyone you definitely would steer me toward or away from!  If you have your own photo of a lipo revision you could post, that would be great!    

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Hi guys, I had a very bad liposuction done to my stomach and lower back by a doctor in another country. At only 23 years old, I did not want to leave my house. I was home depressed and insecure about my body. After plenty of research i also came across both Dr. Amron and Dr. Svehlak and was debating on both for a very long time. I can't recall exactly why but I decided on going with Dr.Svehlak and I am so happy with my decision. I traveled all the way from New York twice to get this procedure. The first revision i was about 50% satisfied with the results. My stomach and back looked less bumpy and little more normal. After a year went by and all the swelling went down i booked another revision with him for little areas here and there i was still unhappy with. It's been two weeks since the second revision and I must say my stomach looks amazing!!. It's still not perfect but I am now 90% satisfied with the results. I can't believe he made my stomach and back look normal again. I highly recommend Dr.svehlak. He truly cares about doing a great job, not about how much money he can get out of you. He is very realistic about what he can and can't do for you and is super professional. Hope this helps and good luck.
Hi there, You can see my photos "I need a miracle" DO NOT GO TO DR. AMRON!! Supposedly he did a revision (please don't throw up when you see MY stomach - I would give anything for mine to look like yours). I am going with Dr.l Svehlak. He was very honest with me about what I can expect in the way of approval.See that's how Dr. Amron reeled me in, everytime I searched lipo revision his name came up. I think he meant well, but his ego exceeded his knowledge. Don't go to him.
Sorry, I meant that during my consult Dr. Svehlak was very honest about what I could expect in the way of improvement. He also explained to me step-by-step what he would do and what I could expect. He did not rush me, nor talk down to me. He listened to every concern I had. I left the consultation feeling very hopeful. That's a feeling I have not experienced in while. The thing is, Dr. Amron told me too much fat was lipo'd. So shouldn't he have done a fat transfer? When I went back to let him know I thought the procedure did not work and even looked worse, he then offered to do a fat transfer: WTH!! He should have done that the first time!! He did not offer to do it for free either! Also, I keep remembering while he was doing the procedure, he and his nurses kept saying, " Oh yeah, everything is looking great! This is going to look really good, we can tell." Liars.

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Here's a list of reviews for Dr. Svehlak, from community members who have had surgery performed by Dr. Svehlak. Also, a list of reviews for Dr. Amron. I hope this helps, please let me know if you need help with anything!