Need Dr recommendations for no drain TT in Charlotte, NC

  • FitDiva
  • Charlotte, NC
  • 2 years ago

Does anybody have any Dr. recommendations for a PS that does the no drain procedure? Of the two surgeons I have narrowed it down to, neither of them to no drain TT's. I am thinking I really want that now. I've only heard of one PS here and that is Dr. Eaves. Does anyone have any other PS's here or close that does them? Im so ready to get this done but after I heard about this procedure now I want to investigate it some more. It sounds awesome. 

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Thanks Jennifer6177 I soo wish I could. I consulted with a PS today about no drains so it still may happen wish me luck! My family is in DC too!! So its a possibility. ; )
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Hey FitDiva! Come to D.C. and I have a great doctor to recommend : ) I wish I knew someone in NC. I am really excited to have the progressive suture method (no drain) tummy tuck. My PS has been using this method since 1998 so he is very experienced. He explained the differences and how recovery is much faster. I think having the drains would be really hard!! I mean I know the recovery isn't going to be easy no matter how you look at it but to have this icky drains to deal with would be a pain. Good luck in finding a great PS in NC that does this.....I think you are making a smart decision!!
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