Dr. Perricone's skin firming products worth it?

  • Glam
  • New York, NY
  • 6 years ago

Has anyone here tried any of Dr. Perricone's skin care? I just purchased 3 items from his neuropeptide skin firming line.

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I like the products, but agree that the price can be costly. I received a gift sample of the under eye cream and loved it. Recently, I saw that Nordstrom Rack is carrying a large selection of the Perricone line for up to 90% off. I stocked up on thousands of dollars worth for under $150. If you want to try a few items, see if the discount store still has a few in stock. For ten to twelve dollars, its worth seeing for yourself what the line can/ cannot do.
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I have used Dr. Perricone products .... I find them wayyy overpriced for the results... there is quite a hype going on about these products on one of the shopping channels. I have talked to other women that have used these products. Our experience has been that these products do not really work, cost a lot of money and smell horrible. There are other products on the market that do much better and give real results without costing a fortune ... remember just because some guy has Dr. behind his name does not mean that he is producing real worthwhile products related to skincare.
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I've used Dr. Perricone's Ceramic Skin Smoother--it's pricier than Smashbox Photo Finish, but I like that it has skin care benefits such as antioxidants and DMAE built-in, and it has a nice feel. The only thing I wish it had was a sunscreen (Smashbox Photo Finish has a version with sunscreen). You seem to have found something you're happy with, which is great!
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