Dr Okoro Vs Dr Jimmerson!!! Ladies plz help:)

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  Who you think is best? I'm stuck between the two!! If anyone can give any advice or personal experience wether its negative or positive I would really appricate it do much!!! I will be posting my pics of me tonight when my husband gets home! Yay he'llbe home soon) I love him! He's supportive of me in fact the only one!! beside the awesome ladies on realself of course lol:)

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I feel the same way. I have seen a lot of bad reviews about Dr. Jimmerson and his staff, but at the same time his results are great. The bbl results that I have seen for Dr. Okoro are good but I haven't seen a huge bubble butt, and that's what I really want. Maybe the women I saw didn't want a lot of fat transferred, who knows. I looked on Dr. Okoro's website and what is making me lean more toward him is that he knows how to care for patients who keloid and that will be my biggest fear after surgery. I do believe that you get what you pay for. I am deciding to have a consultation with Dr. Okoro because at the end of the day I rather heal better and safer even if I don't get that bubble butt I want.
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Are you pleased with Dr. Okoro's work?
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Yes I'm over 2 years PO. No issues no complaints. When you go to the right doc ,you have no issues.
I went to Okoro you pay for what you get. In my package my labs, meds, 2 garments, 1 Excelis and 1ssmooth shapes massage plus insurance is included. Money wasn't an issue. I chose him because you are just not a number, hes an artist and doesn't specialize in Ghetto bootys. He gives you a butt proportioned to your size. If you want 1000 ccs and you gonna look ridiculous he tells you upfront. Hes meticulous and renemberd everything he did to you months after. The staff is top notch and accommodating. Im big on service because I deal with people daily. The service was great, he personally calls u at least twice once u get home a few hours after surgery to make sure youre ok. havent lost any volume, my butt is even bigger for some reason. I did a lot of research, I didnt get on RS til after surgery. I researched his credentials and chose him after speaking to past patients. Dont go by these pics on people's pages and stuff. Speak to someone like me who's almost 6 months post op whos shape is settled. Past patuents are ur best bet dont go by the stars on the docs page either. Most are by people who havent even had surgery. Just my 2 cents, I can inbox u my new pics so u can see. Don't let price be a factor at all.
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HI, Im in search of a great doctor that does BBL's. I'm going crazy trying to find someone that's excatly great. No, no one is great, but when it comes to my bootie, and I'm paying, thats what I expect. If You could please send me info on ur guy, I would trully appreciate it. Thanks
Hey Desparate its on my page/blog.
Click my name then click the story in blue and my blog will open.
please will you call me? 6148056175 Im having surgery in March
Ok will call u tomorrow.
Hi, how much was the total cost for your surgery? Can you please send me the before after pics?
The prices have gone up. I had sx 2 years ago. I don't have any before pics because I didn't know about RS til after SX. Inbox me your email address. I will send you some pics I took for my husband as I was healing. My blog has bikini pics from vacation last summer. I'm going to update my blog one final time when I get back from out of the country.
I've seen several negative reviews on Jimerson, his staff and customer care, especially after sx when we need it most. There are ladies on RS that paid big money, I'm talking 20,000 range, and literally look the same. Even after the 6 months. I actually had a consult with him. Well really with one of his staff. He came in for like two minutes. I told him what I wanted and he proceeded to tell me everything I "need" to get done. I odd not like that. I didn't have a chance for questions. And they didn't even give me a quote. He said I had to have a tummy tuck. My sis inlaw had some work done with him and had recommended him. But thank goodness she also went to someone else, who if consulted with and chose.nd guess what I did not need a tummy tuck! I was so happy. I shudder to think of getting cut open and have that long scat if it wasn't NECESSARY! I think he pretty much tells everyone they need a TT and other loop areas that they may not be looking for just to jackup the price. Anyway, good luck to you and let us know what you decide. Sorry this was negative, I just wanted you to know.
S2BS you are on point!
Reading back thru I'm surprised u could read it with all those damn typos!
Girl we know what u are saying.
Lol...good cuz I get typing too fast sometime
Are you pleased with Dr. Okoro work?
Yes no complaints . Okoro sculpts as well as do an excellent. Bbl. Not many docs are good at both. I was blessed to find both. I'm 2 years post as of last month. I work out daily and I eat right. I only eat salmon, shrimp, veggies and fruit. It's a lifestyle change.
Im in NYC and want to relocate to ATL but Im mad yall got all that ass out there and no men to put it on ( or so Ive heard) Either way I'll get a chance to check out ur town once icome for my procedure> i'mm trying to stay a while but dont wanna stay with my family cuz then the jig will be up
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Where are you?
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Yes I am :-)
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lol @ cocacola that will never happen simply becuase they are really taking on a life oftheir own. I was just thinking, wow where idi all these asses come from cuz as a kid, i was an enigma Lol. I thought it was something in the water, i had no idea all these bbl's were the reason. Are you in ATL?
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Dr Okoro's price has gone up alot, I was going with him before because i thought his prices were lower but after my consult they were much higher than Dr Jimmersons, so i decided to just go with Jimmerson, I just can' wait :-) hopefully once i get my procedure done i will stop looking at bootys :-)
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lol! "looking at bootys". me too! I just had my consult with dr. jimmerson and I can't stop looking at bootys. lol. I haven't seen any other doctor's work that can give the projection i'm seeking. have you had your procedure done yet?