Has anyone used Dr. Nijer Navinderdeep in Ocala, Florida

  • lsanguine
  • 1 year ago

I am planning on having a Mommy makeover in June and was curios if anyone has used Dr. Nijer.

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Hi Sunshine, I am LOVING it!! I had my TT in early June and am healing great. I was worried how my belly button would turn out (another girl wasn't happy with hers initially), but I'm happy with it. How do you like yours? Just waiting on my scars to fade as they are still very red. But they are thin and well placed. I went shopping this past weekend and it was so much fun trying on clothes with my new flat stomach. Seriously, I was in my glory... haha. I still swell, but even with the swelling, I feel great. I think you will be pleased with your final results. Dr. Nijher is very good at what he does! Three weeks is still early in your healing. I was just getting out and about at that point and starting to feel "normal." I am so happy that I did this... my confidence has improved so much and I am enjoying life so much more. I hope your surgery does the same for you! I don't really know much about the breast surgery, but I think the transformation for that takes a little more time to see. I will try to get some before and after pics up soon. Would love to see yours too if you want to share them. :)
Hi, just curious how you are doing? I just had a mommy makeover by him in July and I'm three weeks post op. I'm really pleased so far. I'm still in the healing phase but my stomach looks amazing. Breasts are still going through some changes ( I had implants replaced and lifted) i wont know the final results for a little while it I'm very happy with them so far. Are you happy with your results?
I have not used him but he is doing a TT on me in June. I have heard really good things about him and his before and after pictures are great! :) Good luck!