Considering Dr. Luis Suarez in TJ Mexico for Face Lift

  • 5DogMa
  • California
  • 1 year ago

I've seen a lot of good reviews on him for body surgery, but not for face surgery.  Does anyone have experience with this doctor for face lift.  Would really like to hear from someone who had a face lift done by him.  Thank You!

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Hi@5DogMa , I had surgery with Dr. Suarez about 2 years ago for a face lift I can honestly tell you that is what was overall a great experience. I do admit I was hesitant in the beginning just because I really never left my home town that much and so I was little scared you could say but once I got in contact with Dr. Suarez office and talked to the doctor Luis Suarez and the girls Violet and Mj , they made me feel really confortable they were so helpful they answered all my questions which were quite a bit LOL , and they were just so nice and patient , so I went ahead and had what they call a virtual consultation and got my quote which I thought was a great price you know compared to hear in the states surgeries here are so so pricey , so I was very happy with that situacion also . so then after that i gave them my flight information they arranged everything for me hotel and all , I literally just had be there jaja everything went so smooth so nice and easy , so i got to the clinic I had a consultation with Doctor Suarez before going into the surgery he is so nice so polite very good at what he does I am very happy with my results my recovery was very smooth I did not feel any pain what so ever , it was uncomfortable because of the position you have to sleep in and the fact that you have to be in bed for 2 weeks with out doing anything but to the bathroom and back , but other than that it was smooth and I am very very happy with my results , since I wasn't able to come back for the follow ups I would send pictures so the doctor could se my progress and then he would give me his feedback and when to start doing things when to take stitches out I went with my general dr. back home. They make everything very easy and accesible. I would definitely recommend Dr. Suarez he is a great plastic surgeon and has a great staff also. Regards !!
There in 2011 and need a bbl asked him to put 600ccs,all he put was 200 and mind you I had Enuff fat,he never did a good job in my belly coz he wanted me to have a T.T.his girls wore no gloves en was stuck more than 3times looking for a vein,he argued with me telling me what he Will do instead of listening to what I wanted was picked up in a durango in San Diego by a heavy set woman who is his assistant Idk what happened after surgery both my lips were soo swollen,he is money hungry,check my review out and also another girl had the same experience,check out nothappyatall and newyork state of mind,don't waste your time and money