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has anyone been to Dr. Koo in st. louis,mo

  • shaye from illinois
  • illinois
  • 3 years ago

I am wanting a mommy makeover and looked into Dr.Koo. She seems likable but I want to hear some real stories from real patients. If you live in Illinois or Mo. Please let me know which doctors you liked best.

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I live in the St. Louis area too. I thought about going to Dr. Koo, but her consult was expensive and her fees are pretty high. I am going with Dr. Maclin at the Parkview Plastic Surgery Center. He is great, but less expensive because he is less experienced and still "making a name" for himself. He was actually referred to me by my hernia surgeon who said "he's great, just young, so he 'can't' charge as much until he builds experience". Maybe you could check him out? His consults are free. Good luck!
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My surgery is scheduled! I feel very confident in my choice of surgeons! She seems very personable!
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