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Has Anyone Had a Lifestyle Lift With Dr. Keith Saxon in Bloomington, MN?

  • janet0418
  • Minneapolus MN
  • 2 years ago

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I had a Lifestyle Lift at the Bloomington, MN office with Dr. Campanelli, in July, 2013. I am left with the same hanging skin that I had before the procedure. I was told that it would take 7-10 days for recovery. Today is 4/23/14 and I am left with burning/stinging on my cheeks, numbness around my hair line and jowls area. After 3 letters and 2 phone calls to Lifestyle Lift Headquarters in Troy, MI, I am told that I will not receive any compensation and that I must continue payments on the $13,107 that I was charged. Lorri
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Hi Marla,

Here's a review from a RealSelfer who is having surgery with Dr. Saxon soon too: Lifestyle Lift - Kansas City, MO

Hope this helps!

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Hi, I am considering a Lifestyle Lift with Dr Keith Saxon and was wondering if you went through with yours? If so would you recommend him? Did they offer you the option of working with Dr Ware as your surgeon at all? Thanks so much for your response :)
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I had my LSL upper eye lids and laser done end if August with Dr Saxon. He is wonderful! The whole team is just great. I will be stopping by to see them during the holidays also.