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Dr. Joseph Capella for TT, please help, anybody!!

  • nysunnygirl
  • 2 years ago

HI, I know this question was asked by someone else sometime last year, and there were no responses. Does anyone have any info or any previous experiences with Dr. Joseph Capella. He's located in Ramsey New Jersey. I am considering getting a TT and Breast Lift with him. His before and after photos on his website seem amazing, and I saw one person on here who had a TT with him. I did consult with 2 doctors, and he is $4,000 less then the other dr. for the same procedure, which concerns me a little. Yes the first dr. was in NY and Capella in NJ, but still it seems questionable. Can somebody, anybody, please give me their opinion on this. Thank you!!!

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I don't know if you are still considering Dr Capella. I am only 2 weeks out from LBL, BL, and Arm Lift with Dr Capella but so far I am beyond pleased. I feel like I should knock on wood. He doesn't do a lot of the fluff other doctors do like extra binders or scar therapy. You use your insurance for things like bloodwork so that he doesn't have to add that in. I looked at him with several other of the Nation's best surgeons and his results were just as good but much cheaper. SO, I could end up have a complaint but so far I have not one and my results thus far are beautiful.
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