Dr. Jimerson: April, May and June Travel Buddies and Accommodations, etc.

  • MinajBooty9348
  • virginia
  • 1 year ago

Team "J" Looking for Travel Buddies, Nurses or Post Care Providers, Hotels, Massages Any helpful info- Discuss here!   It's great to share the costs of travel and hotels, as well as having the support of someone else going through the same experience. Just leave a note with information, such as: Your dates: Your Accommodations: Your Supplies: Your Service Provider(s) Nurse, Massage How many people you're looking to share with Any information others may find useful........GO TEAM "J".

Please don't share personal information in a public space. This includes email addresses, home addresses, telephone numbers, website links etc.

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I am soooo excited about my phone consult, April 17. Ladies make sure you send in plenty of pictures including wish pics. If you don't you will not receive a call from Dr. J.. Prior to the consult you should have your questions written down, because I know I usually forget to ask an important question. For you Ladies who are married/significant other think about inviting them to the consult for support or just to share the moment.