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I had rhinoplasty with the above surgeon on the 23 of june this year and believe me it was the biggest mistake I ever made and cost me £4k into the bargain I ended up with a nose like michael jackson.  despite me giving him a photo of the outcome i wanted it looks nothing like remember those words he gave in the consultation "my work is not reversable and dont I know that now!!

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Hi I had surgery with Mr Gonschior in October 2012. I was always bothered by my "witchy" nose and had always wanted a job done on it. However, about eight years ago I fell face first down 16 stairs at my place of work and the result was having to have corrective surgery a year later as could not breathe through my right nostril. This surgeon at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield was top class. It was a septum op to repair my smashed nostril and enabled me thereafter to breathe. I was happy with that but more unhappy with my longish nose with hump as it now had been pushed very much to the left side of my face and was not only too pointy, humpy and long but now very twisted; a look borne out in photos. The NHS refused surgery for aesthetic (or what they termed cosmetic) reasons and finally my partner paid for me to go to MYA. I did feel constantly irritated by some of the staff at MYA, it all seemed so shallow, and fake somehow. The one girl I really respected was a nurse at MYA, who seemed very down to earth. Anyway, my nose was pretty smashed up; I guess; Mr Gonschior told me after surgery that he had found many fragments of bone that he had to pick out (I had open septo-rhinoplasty with him) and I was happy with my new nose for a long time. Basically, I went in not thinking that I would now have Hollywood looks but that my nose would no longer be an issue, as in I would not sit at traffic lights turning to look directly at people in cars next to me rather than looking ahead (fundamental to safe driving!?) because I was so paranoid about my profile and believed (and still do) that they were thinking what an ugly nose I had. To that end, this has been achieved more or less. It's also true that facial (especially) surgery will not make an unhappy person with many other issues of self-esteem, suddenly become a happy madly confident soul, but there are of course fundamental things that have to gel. I returned to see Mr Gonschior and all was well. He spent maybe five minutes with me the first time and just looked and said yes, very good, and smiled and looked very pleased. The second time, around six months ago, having waited two hours to see him, he spent literally two minutes with me with a smiling "muse" of his standing at his side wielding a clipboard. The reason I had gone back to see him was that I have much trouble breathing through my nose now and it has not really improved. I do yoga so obviously learn to breathe through my nose and that was never an issue (except when I first had my accident until the septum was repaired by the very able surgeon in Enfield). I get asthma and feel that I need to breathe through my nose rather than my mouth, this is fundamental to all of us really as our nose is our natural filter system which prevents many pollutants reaching our lungs. Mr Gonschior did not even touch my nose/face, just looked and said very nice. I said breathing is an issue (I had started to get quite anxious about this) and he said it would take a revision of the exact proportions of his previous work on me to rectify that! He also said that he may have to get cartilage from somewhere on me and "prop up" the nostril inside for the breathing ability - and that some people don't like that as makes the tip look wider). He told me that he was happy to see that my nose hadn't dropped anywhere near like he had thought it might -!!!? but then he looked at his notes and said oh yes, I remember this was such a difficult job - and to be fair he did say immediately after the op that it had taken three hours nearly and that he was a little concerned about my very fragile cartilage. I said will my cartilage hold up then? (groggily obviously) he said I hope so. Anyway my nose now is still better than it was; it absolutely has dropped and is now not such a straight profile line as it is low and very slightly concave at the top to middle mid line, which is better than sort of umped as it was prior to the op. But it is slightly bulbous at the end now; consistent with droppage. At some angles I feel it looks rather fat and large at the end now but dead-on profile is still quite acceptable. This month (11th) is the two-year anniversary of my op. I want to be able to breathe but as he told me it would take another op of the same proportions and magnitude of his original operation, I am loathe to go for that - big question anyway - would I be charged again. My op cost me £6,000! Obviously I am still paying that sum back as a loan and could not even think about paying again. Can't see MYA going for that. Is this perhaps why people are compelled to sue Gonschior/the Company?? You know, all I want from Gonschior is the respect of him listening, looking properly at my nose and giving me a solution to the breathing problem. I understand fully that my nose was quite shattered from my fall down the stairs so, on balance, I am believing (hoping) that he did the best he could with his amazing skills with, given the structure (or lack of it) he had to work with. I don't expect to wait two hours, to have to be in a room with him for two minutes with no privacy, just a vacuous shallow young girl watching. Why do we have these people as so called chaperones - if we need a chaperone it should be a NURSE - someone who has studied not some girl who is just there to make the place look pretty? He sent me away feeling somewhat distressed; that maybe I will never breathe properly again. He said come back in a year (as I prompted that by suggesting it - he did not propose it). But the aesthetics are not my biggest issue; I will not have the nose I saw on one of my friends that I would have liked; you cannot get a nose to order, I get that; I went with my eyes open, knowing that I wanted my nose to no longer (after 55 years) be an issue, that I wanted to live life without that self-conscious element holding me back from feeling free. But I am not impressed by arrogance. You pay a lot of money for this procedure/service. MYA itself is quite flawed in some ways, they forget to phone you, seem very vague about who you are when you call. It's all the big expansive SELL when you go there but even in between the selling and your op they can be quite dismissive; then after your op, they come across as very pleasant and smiley but bemused at your requests to come back for follow ups. This is not a criticism of the staff as a whole in any way. I think they are working within the parameters of their employers restraints and consciousness of the £ signs. Yes, in some ways I do wonder if I should have gone to the private doctor my GP recommended rather than answer a MYA ad. I also feel their image is very tied up with this celebrity TV status crap. I have never seen TOWIE thank God but am aware from going to MYA that their whole company is SOLD on the fact that they have worked on so many of these "celebrities that no one knows why they are". Perhaps I should have been alerted by this fixation on and advertising that they have altered the "look" of some many people who are on reality shows but hey, I was at last getting my dream nose and I went ahead. I am very conscious of the fact that Mr Gonschior could not have known what he would find until he went in but there were no pre-x-rays or anything to show him the inner structure of my (our) nose - perhaps that is not feasible anyway. I also feel that my concern at the time was very much that I think I "went down" to surgery mid afternoon and that how many ops had he had to do already that day, let's face it ('scuse the pun) it is intense, consistently intense, skilled work and how tired would he be once he got to me? etc. I'm hoping my musings - both I think happy and concerned/disappointed slightly are helpful to others on the forum. I can only give my experience and take on it. To summarise; aesthetically I am not unhappy with my nose; I realise he worked with what he had and it is indeed an improvement (although of course now people tell me I had a very aquiline, classy nose before) but I remain concerned that it could drop further and become more sunken at the top half and bulbous at the tip; but my main concern is the breathing issue. Kimmi
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This is ridiculous. Yes Dr G does have happy patients no denying that. BUT there are a lot of us who have had our lives destroyed by this man and believe me you have no idea! people having to cancel their own weddings because they are so embarrassed to have theit pictures taken because their noses are so deformed! People who find it difficult to speak to people in a normal conversation or over the telephone because they can't breathe properly and breathe really heavily when speaking (which never happened pre op!!). People who are being bullied constantly, being laughed at etc. My experience with Gonschior was awful! FIVE years I was messed around!!!! he agreed to do a second op to fix my deformities and then disagreed atleast 8 times!! He lies and then he gets away with his lies because I had two one to one consultations with no chaperone and his notes were so messy that what had been said in those consultations can never be proved! Anyway, to the people who are happy with your results, good on you. But to say that the unhappy patients on here are fake is just damn right hurtful! we are distraught because of our noses and what you need to understand is that you have no effing idea how it feels untill you get your own nose butchered and destroyed. Peace out.
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The most disgusting thing (aside from a poor job) is him doing things to my nose that I said not to, there's no excuse for that. 'Dont make my bridge smaller' and he takes it down to virtually nothing, so badly hacked that I have a V deformity. Plus he forges your notes. I'm aware this all sounds crazy, when I was researching I thought people like me sounded bitter and quite frankly probably had a good result and were mad (as Mya told me) but I don't have a good result, I wanted a tweak and have come away with a different nose.
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Carmelita - Gonschior doesn't work for a private practice. I wonder where you are from...Mya!! Avoid high st clinics at all costs girls. There are risks with any surgery but you are in much safer hands with a private surgeon such as Ion or East, they are qualified enough to warrant having thier own sureon - they do not work for anyone else.
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I am now 6 weeks post op and couldn't be happier with the results Gonschior has given me. He told me clearly there is no 'perfect' nose. I went into surgery with no real expectations of how my finished nose would look. But I am delighted with the results. This is a day job to him, but I truly believe he wants the best for his patients and all of these nasty, malicious comments do not add up. Each to their own and yes I know this type of surgery can not always go the way people hope. Nevertheless, he truly has done such an amazing job for me. I would advise anyone that is googling away before their surgery to stop! The internet is a vicious place to research this kind of procedure. Go with your guts. Again, I couldn't be happier and I am only at week 6! Good luck to everyone and anyone reading this. I am sorry for the horrid stories I have read, but personally he has done an amazing job!!! x
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There are 3 people with virtually no posts who all signed up to praise this doctor within a week of each other! Very suspicious. By the way, on a certain UK plastic surgery form there is a poster who was exposed as working for a doctor (not Mr Gonschior)... the doctor relayed private info about his patients on the forum to this individual, whose role it was to "monitor" any feedback about him. As a result, this doc is now being investigated by the GMC and may well lose his license to practice due to this. So if I was your boss, I'd be careful. The UK GMC don't take kindly to their doctors having false representatives on forums. It can cost them their career.
We went with our 'gut' (following mya's lies about how he had never needed to do a revision, well I know lots of girls who need one from him so that's a lie) and have ended up with a butchered nose. The man is incapable of producing a good nose, I'm yet to see one really good result. Plus I can't breathe due to bad practice stitching inside of the nose. Mya are just as much to blame as he is - they lie in the consultation and take no responsibilty after.
It looks like Gonschoirs may not very busy any more so a certain company is posting suspicious reviews trying to dupe more unsuspecting potential patients. Please remember a consultation is free not out of the goodness of the surgeons heart but because it is a third rate practioner who can only get patients by giving free consults. This is ur face go only to the best with reputations like ion matti and east. U pay for what u get. If ur paying 5k plus for a operarion what is a another £150 to 200 pounds. The top surgeons make u morphs so u work together to ur ideal nose Why does gonschoir not do morphs? Cos he is no where as skilled at these guys who work to the mm and lecture intensively around the world while third rate doctors go and learn from them and should hang their heads in shame regarding their skills and fitness to practice. If he did morphs it would be a lot easier to sue him so by not giving you morphs when all the top surgeons do he is effectively holding his hands up and admitting he is a very limited surgeon. In my eyes he should only be doing basic closed hump removal rhino. He should not be doing open rhinoplasty as I told him to his face.
Also if u look at his training he has done a so called fellowship but has no proper plastic surgery exam qualifications. In this country plastic surgeons have aFRCS. He seems to have done a hospital job so called 'learnt' on the job and started churning out noses. He has no proper exam tested qualifications. His PhDs are not relevant they were likely on dental materials.
I have better things to do than write 500posts to forums. I was merely giving my feedback as it was positive and you rarely see positive feedback on these kind of sites and I think it's unfair. So I think if the GMC were to believe I am giving a 'false' representation - more fool than as I know what an amazing job this surgeon has done for ME. I will post pictures of my results if you think I am a 'dupe' I really have better things to do. You lot are all just crazy! Good luck to you!
Just wait and see till your nose collapses too. Then don't come back crying for help and support from us 'crazy' lot :)
Yes pls do send pics. Not seen one good job of his. Did you have tip work? The only way you MAY be ok is if you had a bump removed but that will probably collapse in time. Sorry but they all do!
I had rhinoplasty with Dr gonschior in March this year and i couldn't praise him enough. My nose had a lot of issues I wanted dealing with. Having been bullied most of my life at 25 I knew it would make me infinitely happier so I made the life changing decision. You say you are yet to see a good result but I can guarantee that if you had my before and after you would be beyond happy. My only reassuring thought before surgery was that my nose couldn't get any worse, which some of my true and honest friends agreed with. If you have unrealistic expectations you are bound to be disappointed. He's a surgeon that I believe works to the best of his ability...not a miracle worker.
Highly trained? As a dentist maybe. He is not even on the good surgeon guide. It is not 'nasty' to point out the deformities he has given us. We are not just one offs or bad luck. And to say 3 to 4 is a massive understatement. I know of at least 12 others totally deformed by him. And a direct approach? He couldnt tell me what he'd done wrong in my op but said my result was indeed 'dreadful'. Another botched patient of his was in the same day as me and there was a huge furore in the mya clinic, I heard him telling her that he didn't make mistakes and that there was a 'vendetta' against him. People calling me 'nasty' for telling my plight just upsets me further. A reknowned Harley st revision surgeon I have seen has been moved to write to mr g to beg him to stop operating. I think that says it all. Regardless of his manner. My solicitor has successfully sued him on many occasions, and he has just recently been sued by another solicitor for a botched rhinoplasty. Still a safe pair of hands for your face ?! Watch this space , my guess is he won't get insurance in the future as they have had to pay out too much. He will be forced to stop messing up faces and lives.
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How is he allowed to continue if he's been sued so many times?
Answering this question is tiresome and presumes I'm an expert. I can only use common sense and say that settling out of court would not affect someone's job prospect as it's not on any record. It's like car insurance, your insurance premium goes up the more claims you have, but you can still drive your car. Until finally there are so many claims you can't get insurance. So eventually the only hope is he becomes uninsurable. But then companies like mya and transform will take surgeons onto their books under their own insurance, so we are still in danger.
If he's really unqualified for the job, the best hope you have is to strongly encourage people to boycott his services. Can't you get a record of all his misdemeanours and publish it?
After my case is finalised yes
As in my previous review, I researched my choice of surgeon extremely thoroughly or I would not have chosen Mr Gonschior, however, I feel compelled to write the following... As you well know, or should know, if you have done your research thoroughly before making incorrect and libelous allegations about him on this forum, he is extensively trained and more than fully qualified in his profession. If answering peoples comments is clearly tiresome for you then why do you continue to spout off exaggerated claims re solicitors and such, when they are not a liberty to discuss individual cases among anyone else other than the claimant?! Have you not heard of the confidentiality act? Who is the renowned Harley Street revision surgeon you allegedly claim has written to Mr Gonschior? You seem to make a lot of claims and hidden threats, yet you never back any of this up on this website for others to see, therefore, what you say has little to no credibility at all? For everyone reading this, you (noseyparker2) have also had numerous comments removed by the Realself team due to violating the terms and conduct of this website! Whoever is briefing you is not doing a very good job. You are clearly upset with your result which must be extremely upsetting, however, I do not see the point in your continuous remarks and goading of other people to make ill informed and incorrect statements regarding this surgeon. Maybe you and others are being paid by someone to write this, as has been the case on many situations on forum websites?! I hope other potential patients way up all the reviews and see through the exaggerated ones and come to their own conclusion than relying purely on your insubstantial reviews. I am delighted with my result and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Gonschior.
Trolling me will not take away mine or others reviews of their poor result. Which outweigh the positive ones actually. There are no threats only facts. And I could turn the claim regarding being paid back round to you. People who have had a bad result remain on these forums in order to research revisions. I question the motives more of someone with a positive. My review is not unsubstantiated. My pictures are here on the q&a so there is the back up. What more is required? It took a lot of guts to reveal them, given I don't go out any more, or see my friends and family. I am ashamed of the way I look and ashamed of making a poor choice of surgeon. I tell only the truth that I have so far spent over £1500 seeing revisionists and my case is majorly complex, one of those surgeons told me he had written to gonschior, why on earth would I dream that up? I keep posting comments here as I am constantly goaded even though I'm the victim. Oh, and by the way, one 'weighs up'.
As for evidence (which I and others have provided), can we see pictures of your good result? It would certainly add weight to the positive reviews, of which we do not see photographic evidence (only one with pics on here ).
How can you say "you question the motives more of someone with a positive?" By saying this you have just ridiculed yourself. Forum sites were not designed exclusively for unhappy patients! There will always be positive and negative reviews on sites, but by saying what you have above clearly shows your ignorance on the subject. Just because you are unhappy with your result, you obviously cannot understand why anybody else could ever have a good result and want to share there positive results with the forum? "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt" - Abraham Lincoln
Oh, and the posts were removed simply because they mentioned another forum.
" Touché" - noseyparker2
I'm sorry, but "libellious"? "Confidentiality act"? If I ate at a restaurant and caught salmonella, would I not be entitled to write a review online and share my experience for the benefit of others? If I went to a PS who damaged my face in exchange for thousands of pounds of my hard earned money, would I not be entitled to write a review about my experience and results? Particularly if I'd provided clear before and after pictures? I think that's more than fair. No-one has any kind of duty (legal or otherwise) to keep their mouth shut about a private medical treatment involving THEIR face and THEIR money! And also, why would someone be paid to write a bad review about a surgeon? The only reason people get hired is to provide false, glowing reviews. You only joined this forum to chirp praise about this Gonschior - yet you only have 3 posts to your name. That is more than suspicious. How did you find your way to this thread, exactly? If you were truly a happy patient you'd have moved on long ago. Mr Gonschior (because that's clearly who you are), you might want to familiarise yourself with internet law. Anyone can speak out about doctors who aren't doing a decent job - evidence counts for a lot. And if you try and pursue anyone here legally - well, my advice to them is to buy a decent shredder for your solicitors' letters and tell you to stuff it.