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Dr. Francisco Cisneros in Tijuana Mexico or Dr Gaspar Blanco in Mexicali Mexico

  • afiran
  • 1 year ago

hi please let me know if anyone had any surgeries with Dr. Francisco Cisneros in Tijuana Mexico or Dr Gaspar Blanco in Mexicali Mexico, i am booked with one of them but like to get information about both doctors, but i cannot find any information about them!! i want to know about their qualifications and the quality of their works in tummy tuck, full body liposuction, and breast lift? if anyone knows anything about them and their works, any positive and negative information about them please let me know? even if you provide me with their before and after pictures? please help me i am very confused. i would love to find some information about this two doctor's former patients, thanx again and waiting to hear from you.

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Go with Dr. Laura Cardenas in Tijuana or Jaime Campos over in TJ they are great and there are pleanty of info on these surgeons.
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So did you go with dr francisco cisneros? Im thinking of going but like you I cant find aby info on Dr.
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I actually went with Dr. Gaspor. Do not go to him. As if you read my blog and post I am unsatisified and need corrections to my TT. As my scar is too high, and the left side of my scar is significantly higher then my right. in the middle part of my stomach on the right side it bulges a bit. Choose another PS and he has no folloow up after care once you get back to the US. He doesn't answer emails, phone calls, and rushed my consultation, never showed me before or after pictures, although he stated he would, very unprofessional made me feel uncomfortable and at the end of the day I will be getting corrections done with another PS. My breast look good though.
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I had surgery with Dr. Gaspar Blanco 4 months ago. I regret it with a passion. I paid $6900.00 for a breast lift, tummy tuck, and implants , with lipo. My liposuction was not done in several areas. He stated he would suction 4 to 5 liters and did not. My waist is the same size. My tummy tuck scar is signnificantly higher on my right hip than my left hip. Also, my tummy has extra skin on the lower right abdominal area and on the left side it is completely flat. I have dog ears on both sides of my waist which i did not have a problem with my waist prior. DR. Gaspar is unprofessional and has no balance ini between giving post op follow uup with his patients. My scar is thick and ridget and not to mention my belly button is deformed and abdormal. I have contacted him and Carlo and the de la familia hospital many times with questions to get no reply back. I had not heard from anyone aince i was 3 weeks post op and Carlo emailed me last week at 4 months askiing me how my results where and informing me i could come back with $1000.00 to have my revision. why would i pay to have what DR. Gaspar didnt do correctly the first time to have him fix it.....he said Dr. G would waive the fee but that would be the hospital charge, i told him no thanks. Carlo hasd also been rude to me expressing not to post pictures of my results up because two women cancelled their surgeries with him over them and he expressed how wrong of it was for me to Post blogs when Dr. Gaspar is indeed a good Dr. I am unsatisified with my results and Dr. Gaspar never showed me the implants before surgery and i never had a chnage to see the differeneces in size like he promised me. I had a 3 min consultation with him and the hospital was very unorganized and look if you wana know more you can email me and i can show you pics that are not on here. I will have my revision and corrections just not with this surgeon.
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Hi there,

I hope some ladies who've had surgery with these doctors will see your post and give you some feedback. Relative to other locations, we just have a handful of reviews on Tijuana and I would be very careful about traveling out of country for surgery. Here's a RealSelf member who had a mommy makeover in Tijuana. You might also want to check out this blog post about getting surgery in Tijuana. And here's one other member I found who had her MM in Tijuana.

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