Has Anybody Used Dr. Charles Lee Kota Kinabalu?

  • mardbh
  • 1 year ago

I am thinking of going for liposuction and i was just wondering if any of you good people have had experience with dr charles lee he practice in kota kinabalu sabah malaysia, or perhaps if there is anyone  who have done thier procedure in kota kinabalu sabah malaysia. I would really appreciate if you would kindly let me know the drs name and the outcome. thank you all so much in advance.

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Hi, how did your liposuction go? Dr Charles Lee is one of well known plastic surgeon in kota kinabalu. But somehow I'm not fond of him for it seems like he's money oriented. I'm more into Dr Sergius Ajik, he seems more sincere and delicate. I'm thinking of doing liposuction within these few months. Have u heard of the new upcoming jesselton health care in metro town? They're bringing in new plastic surgery technology from Korea and Western country but they'll only open before end of this year. Looking forward to doing my surgery there.
I've gone to see dr charles lee again and this time he is so sweet. My impression that he's money oriented is not true. I guess he was just having a bad day or something.