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Dr Byrne, Dr Boahene, or Dr Le?

  • eric222
  • san ramon ca
  • 3 years ago

Which one of these doctors, do you think is better for a primary rhino? All three are located in baltimore.

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Thank you Dr. Kim!!
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Thank you for contributing, Dr. Kim! Dr. Kim is a verified, board certified plastic surgeon in Portland, Oregon who has volunteered his time to add to this discussion. Rest assured that the vast majority of us are very grateful for his input.

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My comment is in no way meant to be deceitful. In fact, it is rather transparent that I am a physician on the site and not a patient. That being said, I received training under this individual and saw his skills up close through hundreds of cases. No one asked me to post this for them and I was merely trying to answer the question through my perspective as a surgeon who does this kind of work as well. I apologize if some readers don't appreciate my comment but I was just trying to help. Thank you.
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Hi Dr. Kim,

Can you clarify? You received training under who? Dr. Le?

I have a consultation with Dr. Le on February 14th.
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Hi Dr. Kim

Please let us know who you trained under? I consulted with Dr. Le and Dr. Boahene. I loved Dr. Boahene but would like to know your opinion more clearly.

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I trained under Dr. Boahene and Dr. Byrne at Johns Hopkins. I believe Dr. Le was with the University of Maryland at the time I was a resident and is now in private practice. Just from my own experience, you can't go wrong with Drs. B or B.
Mike Kim, MD
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Folks be very careful. Some of the doctors will have their staff giving them compliments. Example I see someone on the forum say, "this dr. X is very good and skilled." Well, show us proof of your before and after
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Hi Zimzim,

I can understand your concern that I might be some plant from Dr.Le's office. However, I am an actual patient of his that is very pleased with the results of my surgery. I don't even live in the Balitmore area (I'm in Dallas), but I was determined to visit with doctors all over the US before making my decision. It was going to cost a lot regardless of where I went and it's in the middle of my face for the rest of my life so I wanted to be as sure as I could be that I looked high and low for the right surgeon to take on my case. My surgery was last May and so far I am still very happy with what the outcome. I honestly never even think about my nose anymore which is a relief that I cannot even begin to explain. When I meet someone now, the first thing that pops into my head is not, "Oh jeez, are they looking at my nose and judging me?" its also such a relief to no longer have to dig and dig through these sites and deal with people such as yourself who want to do nothing but spread fear and confuse others. The only reason I've replied to this thread is because I received a reply from one of the doctors who also posted and saw your comment. All I'm doing is setting the record straight since you've basically called me a fake. Good luck to others out there searching and don't let people like zimzim discourage you.
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i'm a big fan of both Drs. Byrne and Boahene. I have seen firsthand how skilled they are in the realm of rhinoplasty. In any case, I would suggest meeting with all of them and going with the person you feel most comfortable with. You are fortunate to be in a city where there are many excellent ABFPRS-certified facial plastic surgeons. Good luck.
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You should definitely make an appointment with Dr. Randolph Capone with the Baltimore Center for Facial Plastic Surgery!! He specializes in Rhinoplasty, and is wonderful!!
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I had a more complex primary surgery with Dr.Le in May and so far I am very pleased with the results. He is such a skilled surgeon and pays great attention to detail. I would definitely recommend having a consult with him.
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Dr. Le's RealSelf profile is here and he has several excellent reviews. Dr. Byrne's is here. He's also been really active on RealSelf, answering questions. You can find Dr. Boahene's here. He's also answered several questions on RealSelf. It sounds like you have this narrowed down to three doctors now?

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