Downsizing next week ??'s

  • wantmysmallboobsback
  • 1 year ago

Hello gosh Im so excited for this downsize and lift I just hope its enough to see a difference!! Im 5'3 105 pds age 43 eekkk and Im switching out these 500 mod plus salines overfilled to 600 way too much in my opinion! to the new sientra gummies either 350 or 320 cc's Im in a 32DD bra and just hate them even though they are nice and perky they are just to big for me, I had these salines exactly 1 yr ago on my upcoming surgery date Feb19th and for a year I tried to love them but I DONT LOL!!! So ladies do you think this will be enough to do down in size these implants I have now are measuring 13.2 diameter with 5.9 projection (good lord) to the new  350 cc sientra gel 12.5 diameter 3.9 projection or 320 cc  12.3 diameter 3.7 projection Ill even take 300 cc 12.0  3.6 projection, for me modesty will be best hehehe hoping to be a C cup  small C in clothes. Good luck to us all!!! CHEERS...............