Double masectomy with constant pain with the expanders

  • LizaMarie711
  • 1 year ago

Hi i was diagnosed with Breast cancer in August of 2012, had a double Masectomy with reconstruction surgery Sept. 19th, I thought I was done there and would just have to go for fills and get the inplants then followed by nipples, oh no turns out i needed chemo, Had my first round of Chemo Dec 3rd 3 more to go ughhhhhhhhhhhhh lost all my hair and chemo just plaib sucks. But besides that please if anyone can help Im in Constant pain with the expanders, i wont be getting the implants put in till late March, due to the chemo. He has been filling me through it and i go to pyhical therapy , and even with that in constant pain. I toleraten pain well but this is bad where even driving is hell, HELP there is only so much Oxycodone, vicodin i can take and even thats starting not to work. Thanks to all in advance Liza

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Oh my goodness, I can only imagine how uncomfortable you are. :( I'm so glad you have come on here to find other women who have been through a similar experience.

I'm not sure if you have seen it already or not, but this might be a worthwhile forum for you to read through:

Pain from breast reconstruction tissue expanders?

If you find particular community members who share comments that ring true to you you can hover over their user-name, then click through to their profile to see if they have posted a review, so you can read their complete story.

Hoping for some relief for you, and soon!

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