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  • 1 year ago

Hello folks! I'm in need of some desperate advice. I am 27 years old and am a 34DDD/34H. I have incredible back, neck and shoulder pain. My frame is petite in comparison to my breasts. For years I have considered getting a reduction but am fearful of scars, pain and recovery. I'm also worried about cost and finding a reliable PS for the procedure. I am looking to this forum for some sisterly advice, how to even begin the process and some honest feedback and opinions about doctors. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, I do not have children now but plan on having some in the future. Thoughts and comments on the effects of the BR in connection with pregnancy and/or breast feeding would be helpful as well. Thanks!

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Recovery "kicked my but", but I am 41. I also had lipo under the arms, which seems to make things much more painful. The first 5 days I was really out of commission. First 2 weeks, laying low. By 3 weeks I was functioning, but still quite tired. One errand would be enough for me. At 4 weeks post op I can finally say I am 95% back to normal. However the change is incredible. I am pain free, my clothes fit, and I can't wait until 6 weeks to start exercise and wear a proper underwire bra. So so worth it!
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I wish I would of looked into it at your age. I'm 59 and going to have it done in Jan 2013. Good Luck sweetheart don't wait till you are old to get rid of back and neck pain.
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Good question. I haven't had children yet and I could have waited but I decided to go ahead now for 3 reasons. 1) I simply couldn't go on coping with the physical and psychological problems that having big breasts gave me, besides yes they may very well get bigger post pregnancy but they would be massive if I hadn't have done this now. 2) Having children for me would mean that I could never afford the surgery with little ones, there will always be higher priorities for the money. 3) I want to be a happy and healthy mum to my children instead of feeling the way I was with big breasts. I already feel better and I'm still in the very early stages of recovery. It really is each to their own but I too like to hear other women's opinions. Most PS would say wait I guess but I went on gut instinct! All the best. xxxx
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I say do what is in your heart! It is truly the best thing I did, that said I am done having my children and my beautiful perky d-dd's took a beating through both of my kids! I know ladies that were ddd and now have a LOOOONNNGGGG Bcup that is it! so now they need a lift and inplant! I think you would be better served to have your children unless it is years and years in the distance!
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Thanks for posting. I do plan on having kids within a couple of years but I don't know if I can continue going on with the current size of my breasts. I would hate to have to undergo surgery twice. That's a lot to think about :-/
It really is such a personal decision. My 21 year old daughter is having the surgery in December. I waited until I was 50 to have mine. The PS told her that it would not be unlikely for her to have the surgery twice if she is planning to have children. She weighed the pros and cons and decided that her back and neck pain are severe and to put it off for breast feeding wasn't an option. My frame is small as well, so I know what you are talking about there. I was a 32G before surgery. Everything about me was small except for my huge chest. In hindsight, I do wish I had done this years ago. Take your time in deciding and visit more than one PS if you don't have a really good referral from someone. Starting with your family doctor and doing some research online before you go is a good idea. Make sure they are board certified. There is no need to rush the decision, but if your pain is making you rush into it, that kind of answers your question for you right there. The PS you see should be able to answer all of your questions about future breast feeding, etc. Our PS said my daughter would likely be able to, but there is no guarantee. Best wishes to you and I hope that helps a little!
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Thanks for your comment. How was your daughter's recovery? I'm horrible when it comes to pain tolerance. Do you think the pain is bearable? I so don't want to wait until I have kids because I fear of any complications I may have which would then impact my life severely. I guess I would be more nervous to undergo the procedure if I had children. You're right, more research is definitely needed. Any additional advice would be appreciated!
Sorry, just realized your daughter is planning surgery in December. How is she feeling? What are some preps prior to surgery? How long do you think recovery would be?
For her, I think the daily pain she lives with is what ultimately made her decision easier. She is a 30i cup. Very tiny with large breasts. The pain is not bad with a breast reduction. I think most women would call it discomfort. It is more if a swelling and bruised feeling rather than pain. I felt groggy for a few days and went back to work full time after two weeks. Younger women seem to bounce back quicker though. My daughter is less nervous than I was. She feels confident in her decision and I think that makes all the difference. It doesn't hurt for you to have a consult. You may decide to go ahead or you may want to wait. I didn't need to have it done at your age, but my daughter is another story. It is major surgery so you will want to make an informed decision. Best to you!
Hey Falcon! I can only offer advice as an opinion for my experience! I would WAIT until you have your children! My breast grew quite a bit after I had my daughter. I breast fed for 6 months and gave them sometime after to change and possibly go down in size. They didn't. You know better than anyone else how your body heals. If you are healthy, never get sick, heal quickly, I imagine it would be the same for your breast reduction! It was for me! I love my new boobs! I had my surgery just 2 weeks ago and I have felt amazing! You can read my story on my profile for more details. But I def think its worth it!!!
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Thanks for your comment. You had surgery 2 weeks ago? How's the recovery? Have you taken time off from work? What would you say is the best part so far and the worst part so far? Has insurance covered any of your expenses? Thanks for all the advice!
Recovery has been super easy!! I am a student and had the surgery during a break but I would have been fine to go back to a normal job with light movement after the first week. Best part so far is trying on new clothes and feeling comfortable with my body. Worst part was the waiting for surgery and now trying to get comfortable at night while sleeping. Insurance covered 100% of my surgery.