Dont Know What To Do...

  • AnonymousD
  • 2 years ago

I am 15 years old and have already undergone liposuction for my fatty deposits. I did the surgery for ME and not because of society's emphasis on being slim. I have always been self conscious of my nose and I don't want my mom to think that I'll never be happy, for I promised to stop at liposuction. I am mentally and physically mature and know that it would be a decision that would improve my self confidence greatly. I would like to go back to the same surgeon but I'm afraid of what he'll have to say. How do I convince my parents to allow me to get rhinoplasty and how do I explain this to my doctor ?

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Hi there,

What is it you don't like about your nose? At 15, it's possible it's still growing and some doctors might not do a rhinoplasty on you until you're a bit older. Check out this link for more on that. Are you more conscious of your nose now that your lipo has been done and you're happier with that part of your body?

I have always said that I would do something about my stomach and my nose. After losing a great deal of weight I was stuck with stubborn fat pockets that were unresponsive to diet and exercise. I understand that some people constantly try to change themselves and are never truly happy, I am not one of those people. In terms of my nose i will post some pics. I dont like its size or shape. I feel like it doesnt curve gracefully and kind of sticks out.. Hard to explain lol