If i dont get it done what will it really be like?

  • Missy CT
  • 2 years ago

I dont want to make people reflect on the bad but I was wondering ... From people experience what is the nature progression of pain and problems as you get older with big boobs? I am 27 now with 34 GG , i am in some pain (im taking pain killers most weeks often several times a week if i want to sleep properly) and I seem to always have bach ache. I get a lot of headaches and neck pain and have small dents in my shoulders. It is all stuff i can bare now though some would argue I shouldnt have to. I am currently only a little over weight because exercising is so painful but generally i can only monitor my weight through what i eat and trying to walk a lot. So what I really want to know from people who had operations at a later date do these symptoms get worse... will I honestly be in much more pain in 10 years etc. I just want the utter truth about what is likely to happen if I chose not to have it. From pain, to special events like weddings while still having big boobs, to clothes , to men and relationships to anything really. Including any positives. I dont want to depress people over stuff but I think I need an honest opinion to the long term problems they can cause my dad who is a doctor says it can only get worse and I get what he means but nothing beat real life experinces Can anyone help?