If i dont get it done what will it really be like?

  • Missy CT
  • 2 years ago

I dont want to make people reflect on the bad but I was wondering ... From people experience what is the nature progression of pain and problems as you get older with big boobs? I am 27 now with 34 GG , i am in some pain (im taking pain killers most weeks often several times a week if i want to sleep properly) and I seem to always have bach ache. I get a lot of headaches and neck pain and have small dents in my shoulders. It is all stuff i can bare now though some would argue I shouldnt have to. I am currently only a little over weight because exercising is so painful but generally i can only monitor my weight through what i eat and trying to walk a lot. So what I really want to know from people who had operations at a later date do these symptoms get worse... will I honestly be in much more pain in 10 years etc. I just want the utter truth about what is likely to happen if I chose not to have it. From pain, to special events like weddings while still having big boobs, to clothes , to men and relationships to anything really. Including any positives. I dont want to depress people over stuff but I think I need an honest opinion to the long term problems they can cause my dad who is a doctor says it can only get worse and I get what he means but nothing beat real life experinces Can anyone help?

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Hi MissyCT, Its Deb from the UK. In a word? YES. Yes the pain and discomfort gets worse over time. And if you become pregnant and afterwards holding and picking up a baby and toddler.... folding a pram, shopping and picking up baby/kids to place in a supermarket trolley... gravity and your muscles really add to the boobs going south... if I could have faced my GA fear, and knew how much better I would feel and how easy the post op recovery is...I would have had this done decades ago! Yes you will have more pain in 10 years as the sheer weight of the boobs alters your posture alot. If you read on line physiotherapy research, you will see how badly your neck, thoracic spine (chest spine area) shoulder pain, shoulder dents and posture are affected. Clothing- choices are there now for big boobed women but nothing looks as nice when your boobs are a size which suits your body and weight/height. Posture: all the pain will go instantly. Shoulder dents: due to pressure and gravity, they will increase and will take years to go. The sooner you have a BR the better. Self esteem: You will feel so well about yourself, happier, confident and relaxed as your face won't have pain all over it. It is a subtle facial change and one which I never noticed until my work colleague had her BR in Jan this year (2012). Both of us post BR have lost that 'pained' look! Men/relationships: Some men are boob men. But if a man loves you he will respect your decision. Big boobs and in pain or smaller boobs and no pain and happier? Sexually, that is something personal to you and only you can decide what type of BR procedure will help you with being so young. I get the feeling there is something maybe frightening you about having a BR which you can't really express or perhaps you don't want to express? What are you concerned about? Is it a private matter? Or is it a general fear of the BR? If you want to ask anything on a private message please do. If I could go back in time and speak to myself aged 20 (i'm 48 now) I would say: ''your fears are just that - fears! What you are carrying around on your chest and the pain you have, lack of choice in clothes and unwanted attention etc is worse than having a BR. Much worse. Go and sort it now!'' Hope that helps? Debs x
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Well it sounds like you are single no kids? It makes it harder to breastfeed if you have the procedure before you have kids. I waited till mine were older to have mine because that was important. I think the effects get worse in general as you get older. I'm only a few years older than you so I can't really weigh in on age and effects. Double G is a significant size. Mine got bigger with each pregnancy and I was a k cup before my surgery. If you get too big you face having to do a free nipple graft as I had to. Buying clothing is hard with them that big but you already know that. It's a very personal choice that you have to weigh the options on. Decide what is important to you.
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hey, thanks for the input. I am single no kids and I was hoping to breastfeed but as the likihood of having kids soon has dwindled I am not sure I can wait. I have asked this because I keep putting it off thinking it wont be so bad... but i got to thinking i dont really know if thats true, so many people on here seem to suggest it does get worse with time. I guess it makes sense really gravity for one cant help. Plus as much as I want to breastfeed I am not sure how i would cope if they got bigger, and I hadnt really thought about it. Its just so hard to know if you are doing the right thing . Thanks again the more info I have the more sure I will become I hope. :)
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