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i dont feel my eyes have got better?

  • plumblady
  • 2 years ago

i had a face neck bottom eye lifts and it was about 4 weeks ago, the swelling has gone down and im numb around one ear more than the other which feels strange,and the skin is very hard and dry with stinging sensation at the sides of the eyes,and my eyes still look saggy well not saggy but very noticable red marks where my bags used to be!! dont know whats worse and not sure if this is normal? can anyone let me know if they have had this problem,thank you.

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I had my eyes done twice, once when I turned 40 and again 20 years later...14 weeks ago. The first time I had them done I felt like they looked sunken in but it was better than having bags, the second time the skin is so thin under my does seem to discolor so I am a slave to concealer again it is better than having bags! I think it takes a while for things to settle but I felt like I had 2 blue horseshoes under my eyes so not having that look.
I was numb around one ear longer too but I didn't have any stinging sensation around my eyes and my skin felt dry where it was numb, it didn't even feel like skin, I hated to touch it.
I am sure you are normal...just moisturize and use concealer under your eyes. Best of luck!
thank you lucy for your reply and i hope it sorts itself out as it is a worry,and now like you i will be seeking out my concealer!! and i hope your second eye op gets better lucy and then we will be beautiful again!! good luck and thank you.