Don't all BR require a lift as well?

  • marKtoD
  • 2 years ago

I am having my BR surgery in October.  I just assumed in order to have a reduction there would also be lifting involved.  Is this not always the case?  I will be going from a 38K down to a large C or D cup.  Maybe it's always the case with an extreme case.

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HI had my pre op appointment yesterday and he said a lift is absolutely necessary in my scenario. Whew!
Were you told differently by your PS? The first consultation I went to, the PS told me that it would be an additional fee to do the lift. However, the next 2 PS's told me it was all included. If you are going down that much in size, you are certainly going to need a lift to bring the nipple/areola to a normal location. Talk to you PS about it or get a second oppinion if you aren't sure. Good Luck!