What can be done for facial asymmetry?

  • Rick79
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  • 4 years ago

I am very sure I suffered with unicoronal synostosis shortly after birth. I suffer with poor facial symmetry but not the normal asymmetry everyone has. I have upper/mid face rotation so one side of my face from my cheek to my forehead is more prominent. If you draw a line down the centre of my face it looks very different on both sides. Realistically what can be done to improve the look of my face as many facial bones are affected. Implants on one side, bone burring/shaving on the other? Many Thanks.

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Asymmetry is part of nature. There is no complete symmetry as in a mirror image. Even your 2 front teeth and thumbs are different i.e. not mirror images. Despite that if the asymmetry is severe measures can be taken to improve symmetry. It just can't be cured. It can be due to overgrowth on one side, underdevelopment on one side or combination of both on both sides. The treatment would then depend on which of these is present and the severity. Most of these are easier to treat before one reaches adulthood. In some cases treating the "normal side" allows you to do a less aggressive procedure to the affected side. For example burring down one side allows you to place a smaller implant on the other side. I had a patient with a smaller cheek bone on one side. I placed cheek implants and placed a larger implant on that side. That patient ended up with a more symmetric appearance. Each case is different and what works for one patient may not work for another patient.
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