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Dodgy Filler: How to Get Rid of It Fast?

  • pretty76
  • 2 years ago

Ladies/gents as an experienced filler patient I noticed after 8 weeks my results were gone! Disaster to most? To me yes! I have spent thousands on lip fiLlers, nasal labial fillers and cheek fillers. I also used vibration plates. Yes those things designed to make you lose flab and fat inweeks. Yes I has a great tight bum and body but my fillers? They lasted 8 weeks tops! A word of warning to you ladies looking for a long term effect with GOOD filler results. BUT!!! To you girls with bad results either tear trough/nasal labial/ facial fillers? Or botox even! Get yourself on those vibration plates they dissolve fillers! I'm a normal mommy here who has spent s*it loads on fillers who loved easy workouts! Lost a lot of cash coz I spent everyday vibrating all those fillers off my face - a lesson learned! Good to you ladies with bad results but to the ladies who love the look? Go to the gym! Don't vibrate! I'm real! Please PM or reply if you need to know more xxx much love Fifi