What Doctors WillGive Me a Breast Lift and Butt Augmentation at the Same Time ?

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  • NYC
  • 2 years ago

Im looking to find a Doctor that is willing to give me a breast lift w/ implants and butt augmentation @ the same time but also a price quote up front without all the unnecessary confusion! PLEASE HELP Im a female 20 years old 5'4 146lbs i have posted some pics but none of MY breast due to the fact that i am very self concise because they are very saggy and go outward on each side..can you believe im only 20 :( i  sooo dislike my breast it makes me want to avoid mirrors and all cameras completely  .. I would also like about 1500cc in each butt cheek im willing to gain 10-15 pounds for this surgery now i love the shape of my butt but would like a huge difference in the size..It is officially my goal to have my new approved body by feb. 2013. So if you are or you know i good doctor or have any advice please reply i will greatly appreciate it <3

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Hi there,

I'm not sure by your post where you live, but you can click the doctor finder link up above to find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. I really think you'll need to go on a few consultations to find out what can be done and the cost. Try not to think of it as 'confusion', but as information gathering. Please let us know what you decide to do!

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