Not sure about a doctor's office conduct

  • soilschick
  • west burbs of Chicago
  • 2 years ago

I am waiting for approval by my insurance, BCBS.  I met four doctors and ruled out 2 right away.  It was easy with one PS because he constantly focused on my weight.  I am 5'1", 208, 42G.  I have been the same weight range +/- 5-10 pounds for 4 years.  He told me he would never touch me until I went down to 130 lbs.  The other PS had a great office staff, great results of his surgeries, but he was very cocky, rushed, did not like to answer specific questions and fond of saying, "Just trust me, you'll love it."  Plus I waited two hours to see him for 15 minutes.  I fell asleep in the waiting room and woke up when he entered.  He said he did not take insurance anymore.  Procedure would cost 12K and call him when I got the money.  His office manager called a few days later and reduced the price of the surgery to 8K.  Today, she called, said they take insurance and would help me prepare the papers.  Now I am kinda weirded out by this chain of events.  The PS I really want, was professional, on time, great staff, clean facility, thoroughly explained things and was not condescending at all.  He is submitting a claim to my insurance and he is known for winning approvals.  What do the ladies here think about the PS and his office staff that keep calling and bargaining with the price of surgery?