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I am waiting for approval by my insurance, BCBS.  I met four doctors and ruled out 2 right away.  It was easy with one PS because he constantly focused on my weight.  I am 5'1", 208, 42G.  I have been the same weight range +/- 5-10 pounds for 4 years.  He told me he would never touch me until I went down to 130 lbs.  The other PS had a great office staff, great results of his surgeries, but he was very cocky, rushed, did not like to answer specific questions and fond of saying, "Just trust me, you'll love it."  Plus I waited two hours to see him for 15 minutes.  I fell asleep in the waiting room and woke up when he entered.  He said he did not take insurance anymore.  Procedure would cost 12K and call him when I got the money.  His office manager called a few days later and reduced the price of the surgery to 8K.  Today, she called, said they take insurance and would help me prepare the papers.  Now I am kinda weirded out by this chain of events.  The PS I really want, was professional, on time, great staff, clean facility, thoroughly explained things and was not condescending at all.  He is submitting a claim to my insurance and he is known for winning approvals.  What do the ladies here think about the PS and his office staff that keep calling and bargaining with the price of surgery?

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Office staff mattered a lot to me, even with a pcp, office staff can make or break an experience. As far as the PS himself was concerend, i wanted to see results of past surgeries, i wanted to know that he had been doing in longer than ive been alive, and i needed that warm fuzzy trusting feeling. I found it with a great PS who did wonderful work and got me my approval. I was so pleased. You will know when its right or at least that is my personal opinion.
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Unless you feel 100% comfortable with a PS, do NOT go with them. I asked people in the area who was the best, and did a consult - and loved him AND his staff from moment #1. If I hadn't - I would have gone to someone else. Go with the one that you want, and just ignore the rest of them. Bargaining for services, that's unbelievable....
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Do not go to someone that is "bargaining" for your surgery. I am in healthcare, and to me it reeks of they need the money. My PS was not up for negotiation. If they are good, their fees are their fees. If the insurance is paying it will not matter what the fee is, because the insurance is going to decide the allowed amount for the procedure. Just be sure to give them all the ammunition for the approval: if you have had neck/shoulder pain, if you have tried physical therapy, if you have had an MRI that determines that you do not have any other causes for the pain (herniated disk). If you have tried medications (anti-inflammatories for the neck/shoulder pain). If you have enough volume to be removed from each breast for your height.....all of these things are what matters when they are trying to get BCBS to pay. Trust me, I had to write my own rebuttal as I did not want to chance it for the MD. I am a Physical Therapist and did finally get the approval on the last day prior to them canceling my surgery....I am now 8 days post op and feel ok. But make sure that you have someone that will take good care of you when you are done. I had lipo and a tummy tuck as well, and it can be difficult road. Good luck
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My best friend will be staying with me for the first week or two. My office is preparing for my time office by having me train the newbie steel inspector. My boss said he will shadow me this winter on bigger projects. If surgery is approved, I am looking at end of Feb to beginning of March. That time period is usually slow with weather changing and projects ending or just starting.
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Walk away from the one who is focused on price.   You need to have a surgeon who is focused on you and your outcome......this isn't an auction!!

Always trust your gut!!!   I say keep looking and make sure to have three good consults before making the decision.

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