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To doctors Michael Elam & Jacob Freiman in response pertaining to aggressive/unsatisfactory nasal surgery

  • lwfm
  • Kansas
  • 2 years ago

Well, in my view (upon reading of many similar experiences & having some doctors admit to the POSSIBILITY of hair loss from the nasal surgery- as it hardly seems coincidental if it was a non factor prior to the surgery), of course there is no "proven correlation" as no one would want to be the "pioneer" of admitting this such 'discovery', of course.. That would be another of many risks & complications which your profession would be looked at to explain or as being held responsible for if permanent shedding hair loss was a recognized problem & risk of nasal surgery. Here are the factors pertaining to my specific situation relating to the hair loss I've continually experienced post op: a considerable amount of my nasal spine was cut out, leaving the septum leaning much to far to the right, nasal wall (egg shell feeling collapse) gone on one side, as well as valve collapse & my turbinate being completely removed also. When you can't breathe adequately out of either or both sides, I could understand how it makes sense & validates the other accounts around relating hair loss (amongst other cosmetic/life quality problems) resulting from nasal surgery. Site will not allow responses/follow ups to question responses, so had to go this route.