Are there any doctors who donate procedures?

  • lola24
  • san diego
  • 4 years ago

look i know i sound crazy but i have heard many times that somewhere out there doctors donate procedures to people who are in need of it. i've actually seen a case where a female had received breast implants free of charge for whatever reason(it wasnt a life threatning reason) just out of the kindness of that doctors heart.i dont wanna share my story with the world but if their areany doctors out there please contact me. thnku<3

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If it causes you pain or affects your every day activities insurance should cover it. My mom was a size H cup and insurance payed for pretty much all of it. And my grand mother is getting eyelid surgery done because her eyelids are so saggy that they obstruct her view so insurance will cover that. Good luck.
To Jenjen57:Congrats on the engagement and congrats on losing all that weight! You go girl!!!!
Does anyone know of a plastic surgeon that will donate implants....I lost 110 lbs .My fiance is termanilly ill and we want to get married all the dresses i have tried on dont fit cause of my sagging breast.My life revolves around looking at them and trying to hide them.Im looking for a surgeon who will donate a breast aug.I have tried care credit but was denied hlp

The only donated procedures I've heard of lean towards the humanitarian side, e.g. cleft palate repairs, scar revisions for disaster victims, etc.

Or you could marry a plastic surgeon. ;)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA I don't think so hunny sorry to burst your bubble but I can see if your over weight and its life threatening but not for breast!