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How many doctors did you consider?

  • HarborGirl
  • Baltimore
  • 3 years ago

Hi, I just found this place and I'm very happy to be here. You guys are a wealth of information!!! I'm going to have a tummy tuck and a half face lift. I had one consultation with a doc that a friend recommended and one I found online who was on the ABC makeover TV show. I liked both of them and the price was close. I have another consultation scheduled but I don't know if I need it. Either of these docs would be fine. How much did you shop around? Thanks!

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I went to 3 consults and went with the one a friend used. Cost was only part of the decision. Her opinion and experience was all I needed.
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Kimmers, it really is true, your gut will tell you when you have found the right dr. I was at my 4th consult with the most highly recommended doc around and I was more nervous than I had been at my 1st consult. I mean my neck was blood red, which is wut it does when I'm really nervous, and I left that consult and listened to my instincts and said to myself "self something is not right here".

I went to my 5th consult the next day and NO nerves, laughing, joking and I knew she is the one I have been looking for. She is just as experienced, double board certified and I have had recommendations to her also.

So ladies, trust your instincts and you will know when you've found the right doc and you will know when to run!

Good luck to all!
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I went to 5 different consults and had one more scheduled. On the 5th one, I knew that I had found the "one"! There needs to be a connection and a feeling of ease with your PS. This is a major decision and your research and take your time even though it's difficult. I was so tired of having my belly fat pulled up and stretched that I wanted to scream, but I'm so excited now!
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It's nice to hear about someone else that went through the exact same thing as I did. 

It is hard to explain that feeling when you just know the doctor is right for you:)   It all happened the same way for me.  7th one was a charm for me!  I am pretty sure he thinks I am a total tool. 

Most people I know thought I had gone Fruit Loops on them.  They thought I was being overly critical and picky.    Well picking that perfect know the one who is going to cut into your body takes time. 

So go ahead ladies and be picky, critical, and paranoid . Just do your research, and trust your gut and your heart.  They will never lead you down the wrong path.
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I went to three doctors. I chose dr brown because he came so highly recommended.
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I went to 4 different consultations and liked 3. I wanted to hear how they each performed TT and how they would perform it on me. I also had my inner thighs lipo'd and each one even did that differently. Research, research, research. I don't think 1 is enough!

Good luck!
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I researched my surgeon online. I reviewed the medical board for my surgeon to find out if she had any judgements against her as well as any complaints, then I looked for reviews online from any person she has taken care of.. Also I made sure she was double board certified........ In phoenix we have a magazine that list the top 100 doctors and these doctors were nominated by their peers..... My PS was one of them....
I then went to her office and asked a lot of questions and knew right then and there that she was the one,,,,
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After doing extensive research on over 7 surgeons I finally found mine.  There is no such thing as being over cautious when looking for a surgeon.   Take your time, do your homework and be patient.
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I could go into a long explanation here but the easiest thing to do is simply Google "no-drain tummy tuck" and then read online.

Some doctors still do drains; I've had them for a breast lift and hated them. Once I read up on the "no-drain tummy tuck", that's what I wanted. Then I started to search for the absolute best PS in my area who had perfected the technique.

I healed VERY fast and was back on my feet in no time. You can click on my name and read my story.

Again - Welcome!!
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Thanks Barbie. A no-drain technique sounds like it would be a big improvement. Where does the fluid go?

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Hi HarborGirl, I did some extensive research and narrowed down my options to 3 possible surgeons. I wanted the latest no-drain technique so that helped me zero in. I ended up visiting only 2 as I connected immediately with my PS. Then it was all systems GO!

Welcome to Real Self and best wishes!
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