Looking for the BEST Doctor for permanent lip tattoo

  • 3591anon
  • HI
  • 3 years ago

i just want to define my lips a touch. they look great when im not smiling however when i do smile my lip folds down. So my plan is a touch of injections, natural perm lip tattoo, and botox in the mouth muscle area to reduce the pull on my lip

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Check on Yelp, if no one recommends them - avoid.
I recommend going with word of mouth referrals, the best practioners are quite busy and would not have the time to be online here every day for years. Ask yourself why that is.
Dr. Linda Dixon is a very busy practitioner in Hawaii, and the president of the American Academy of Micropigmentation. But doctors are trained to do surgery, injections, and skin resurfacing. Permanent makeup is an art, and it takes an artist to apply it well. The best plastic surgeons and dermatologists recognize this, and work in conjunction with leading artists like myself to do permanent cosmetics for their patients. Jeff

Hi 3591,

Well, I'm not sure of anyone in Hawaii, we don't have any recommendations. You might want to check with local tattoo artists and see if they do Permanent Makeup. I would than look at recommendations and work they have done and possibly ask around your community. Hope that helps.