Best Doctor in NYC For Abdominal Liposuction on Male?

  • PlasticNYC
  • 2 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for the best doctor in NYC to perform liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. This doctor should have considerable liposuction experience (e.g. hundreds of procedures performed), consistent good results (e.g. symmetrical with low complications), and plenty of before and after pictures. Can anyone recommend the doctor in NYC best suited for male liposuction? Thanks, PlasticNYC

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Agree with Kirsty 100%. Check out the RealSelf directory to find a good doctor. Be sure to call and speak with the doctor's staff and make a consult with someone you feel comfortable with. It might take a few consults to find the right person, but once you do you'll be very happy I'm sure. Oh, and check their qualifications! Board Certified is best.
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Hi PlasticNYC,

Did you ever find a doctor for your procedure? If not here is a list of NYC Liposuction doctors. Hopefully you can find someone that will suit your needs. Just make sure you have several consultations and find the doctor you feel most comfortable with!

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Dr. Matthew Schulman is excellent. I cannot said enough about this doctor. Just look him up here (RealSelf), and on Good luck. You will love him. He makes one feel so comfortable. His staff is great.
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